Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Elvis, Cocktails and Pouting Aplenty: The LeKeux Cosmetics Launch Party and Product Review

A few weeks ago a very pretty little envelope landed on our doormat, it was an invitation to a 'top secret launch' party at The Vintage Salon at the Custard Factory, Birmingham. We love a mystery, and more importantly we love a party, so we were excited to attend.

When we got to the Salon on the night of the party we were amazed, it was jam packed full of very glamorous people and Elvis was singing! Wow! There was also a cocktail bar with waiters shaking up all manner of delicious sounding drinks and there were people having their nails, hair and make up done all around. And then we realised what it was all about - it was the launch of Le Keux Cosmetics, their very own range of beautiful vintage inspired make up. There were make up artists on hand to apply the new products for the party guests, and I was eager to give it a go. A very nice pink haired lady gave me beautifully flicked out eye liner and the perfect cupid's bow, and I suddenly felt like an extra from Grease (in a good way!)

We first got to know Lynsey Le Keux at Clothes Show Live last year, as Le Keux Events were exhibiting next to us. Since then we have often seen each other at fairs and events and I have had my hair done at the salon once and was very impressed. So I was sure that their new range would be great quality, and I bought the Black Cadillac Eye Liner and Whistle Bait Lip Paint at the event, so that I could give them a try at home. They came with a double ended brush designed for applying both products.

I often wear lipstick so I felt pretty comfortable using the lip paint straight away. I was impressed too, it is creamy and the colour is intense so you don't need to apply lots to get a great finish. The shade of red is a really classic true red, which is what I like in a red lipstick! It also smells lovely. You can achieve three different looks with it, a straight up classic pout, a matte finish using a little face powder, or a full on glossy lip (named 'the Hollywood lip' by the Le Keux gang) by adding a little gloss.

The eyeliner was a slightly different matter, since I wear glasses I rarely go for dramatic eye make up, but I have always loved that 1950's flicked out eyeliner look, so I was keen to give it a try. Again, the product is creamy and goes on very smoothly, and is easy to build up to get that perfect jet black finish. Having said that, my first attempt was a bit of a disaster if I'm honest, but I think that is more down to my skills than the product! Then I discovered the Le Keux Cosmetics You Tube videos, where Diablo Rose gives tutorials on how to apply the eyeliner, lipstick (and also how to do the perfect pin up eyebrows). I found the videos really helpful and they are beautifully lit and shot, which makes a bit of a change from most of the make up tutorial videos on You Tube! Certainly worth checking out, the tips were very helpful and I think with a few more goes I will have 'found my perfect flick'! You can have a go yourself here-

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any pictures from the evening, so Lynsey has very kindly allowed me to use their photos from the event, shot by Chloe Le Keux and David Morphew.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Minimum Mouse Instagram Adventures

Like the whole world and it's mother, we've recently got really into Instagram. Well, I have anyway. James has a phone like its 1999. If you're an instagrammer, you can find us at @mariannemouse. Expect many pictures of random vintage items, things we spot on our travels and lovely jewellery previews.

So here's what we've been getting up to through my iPhone lens...

1. Going through the pics from our last ASOS Marketplace shoot with the lovely Alex.
2. These new rings have been popular sellers at vintage fairs across the country.
3. AMAZING trunk of dreams we spotted at the Malvern Flea. You can read more about this here.
4. Amazing bit of wall art at the Custard Factory, Birmingham.
5. Prepping some vintage dresses for fairs.
6. Some male shoppers getting their fill of Minimum Mouse goodness at Manchester Vintage Fair.
7. The most amazing 1950's pink prom dress from Little Old Me, seen at Bristol Vintage Fair
8. Some gorgeous new jewellery pieces ready for Clothes Show Live
9. A Christmassy day out the Birmingham German Christmas Market.

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