Minimum Mouse is an online boutique that was born in 2007, run by Marianne Campbell and James Gowland. We started Minimum Mouse as a part time hobby which soon took over our home and our lives and became our full time job! We have always had a passion for unusual, quirky and fun fashion, and we spend our days tracking down the best vintage pieces, as well as making and sourcing great jewellery and accessories to create a collection of reasonably priced, wearable and versatile fashion for men and women.

We don't take fashion too seriously, we love people who make their clothes their own, we keep an eye on the trends but are not dicated to by them.

Minimum Mouse's Diary is our blog, where we write about our love of fashion, our adventures, the day to day reality of running a vintage business, our vintage shopping experiences across the globe and basically just stuff we love!

The blog is mainly written by me, Marianne, though James might pop his head round the door and have his say from time to time! My major loves are bright patterns, anything that features watermelons and pineapples, miniatures and maxitures (I realise that isn't a real word!), vintage girls' annuals, Yankee Candles, pretty much anything kitsch and silly. When I'm not working I spend my time watching far too much Netflix, sniffing out a bargain at car boot sales and charity shops, hiding away in dark cinemas forgetting the world and feasting on popcorn, learning about the history of fashion, trying (and mainly failing) to learn to sew, drinking coffee, wedding planning and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

We hope you will enjoy reading it!

Marianne (and James)
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