Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Buttons, business and Bluestone bliss!

Since I have last blogged I have been a busy little bee - car boot sale season is now upon us and this is of great excitement to me! Car boots are where I find some of my most fantastic materials, including these darling buttons, which I have been fashioning into bracelets and earrings, hopefully with necklaces to follow. I just love vintage buttons, you never quite know what you will find. I am in love with coral pink and mint green at the moment, so I created these dangly earrings which allow you to channel your inner Pat Butcher!
Trashy gold buttons are another of my loves, here I've woven them together with gold wire and attached them to a chain for a trash-tastic bracelet.

This is my favourite button creation so far!

On another note, I have just returned from weekend of partying and pampering in Pembrokeshire. We stayed at Bluestone, which really was a little piece of heaven - you can check it out at
Above is a picture of my best girls, Sarah, Meryl, Sian, Jenny and Cara (I'm the one in the bottom middle with the glasses, and yes I think I did come off worst in this piece of 'art' from Van Gogh's Workshop!), we have been the best of friends since school, and now that I don't live in Aberystwyth anymore I don't get to see them half as much as I should, so, after a long slog of organising and coordinating, we managed to meet up and catch up, and get this masterpiece between rides at Oakwood Park. Roll on the next one!

Finally, I got down to business with an interview at Trespass Magazine, about the trials and tribulations of bring a young businessperson, which you can read at
Until next time, friends!
M xx

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Shop Update- Get ready for a summer of fabulous dresses!

What could be better than a pretty summer dress? As far as I'm concerned, the dress is the uncrowned queen of vintage, dresses just aren't what they once were! Whatever your taste or style, there is a vintage dress out there for you. In fact, since I started dealing in vintage I have really come to realise how much of what's on the high street is recycled - whenever I see a cute dress in Topshop or New Look or wherever else for that matter, I think to myself 'hmm, we had something like that in recently' - it rather takes the fun out of shopping, but it does make you think. We have made a big effort over the last few months to get together a big selection of vintage dresses to cover the summer months, from pretty sun dresses just made for picnics in the country, through to full on prom gowns for any of you attending a special event. And what's more, at a time when we are all trying to save a few pennies, they will be at prices that the high street will struggle to contend with! Here are some of our current picks...
I love the tropical print of this 1980's halterneck dress, it makes me want to go to Hawaii and drink cocktails (well, drink cocktails at least!)

This original 1960's party dress is sugar sweet and as bright as a button!

A fab 1970's casual dress in soft jersey, ideal for shopping, mooching around uni or sunning yourself in a beer garden somewhere!

And then we ramp up the glam factor with this slinky sequined dress -simply amazing!
There will be more where those came from very soon, so keep your eyes peeled! xx

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Shop Update- Vintage Menswear

Well, biased we may be, but we think nothing looks cooler than a man who likes to rock a bit of vintage. I'm not sure why, but vintage clothing gives a man a cool, laid back look, and suggests that he has something to talk about, some stories to tell, and doesn't just follow the crowd. Either that, or he's trying to create that image! So, with that in mind we have been fleshing out our menswear selection, and have a whole load of vintage men's hotness in the eBay shop this very week! Here are some of our top picks...
This is one of many gorgeous western shirts that we have, including brands like Wrangler and Lee, and all original 1970's vintage - very Dukes of Hazzard!

An ideal cover up for the spring and summer, grab yourselves one of our cotton Harrington jackets like this one, for a cool mod look.

And for the ravers, kitsch lovers and kings of colour, we have a whole load of fantastic 1980's sportswear, like this Nike Air t shirt, and this Adidas sweatshirt.

All of our auctions are starting super low, so despite the credit crunch there is no excuse to look your best!

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