Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Style Icon - Miss Marple

I was going to call this post "Style Icon Of The Week", but let's be realistic here, I am so bad at keeping up my blogging that our series of style icons would soon become very overdue! So, let's call it plain old "Style Icon" and we can have a nice occasional series documenting some of the people who inspire us! I'm hoping to get Man Of Mouse, James, to do a couple of blog posts soon so we'll have some nattily dressed men gracing our dear blog too! So, our first style icon is the super sleuth of St Mary Mead, good old Miss Marple. An unusual choice, perhaps, especially given that she is a fictional character, but why be dull and just talk about filmstars and Cheryl Cole? Here are some reasons why we love this old dear-

1. She's an independant woman - never married and with no close family to speak of, she makes her way in the world using her best asset, which brings us to...

2. Her intellect - shrewd with a capital S, Marple's sharp logical mind allows her to understand the complexities of the human psyche and deduct mysteries that have the police stumped.

3. She makes being nosy an art form - what better excuse to want to know all the gossip? One day it may come in useful! Just think, "what would Miss Marple do?"

4. She is the star of some of the most gripping murder mysteries ever written, Queen Of Crime Agatha Christie brought her to the world in titles such as The Murder At The Vicarage, They Do It With Mirrors and 4.50 From Paddington.

5. She has been portrayed by some fabulous actresses, including Margaret Rutherford, Angela Lansbury, Joan Hickson and Julia McKenzie.

6. Her crisp and prim sense of style! She is always well turned out in lovely tweed suits, elegant coats and well cut skirts, with the odd brooch or necklace to complete the look. Everybody needs a bit of ladylike elegance in their wardrobes, and Miss Marple is a fabulous example of demure, traditional style.

Here are some of the Miss Marple inspired pieces from the Minimum Mouse collection...

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