Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Happy Birthday George Michael!

It's Sir George of Michael's 50th birthday today. Which got us to thinking about his taste in clothes... now we're not so bothered about what came after 1990 but in the eighties, back in the good old Wham days, his wardrobe really was a wonderful thing to behold. Here's some of his best (worst) fashion moments. Enjoy!

1. The string vest. Only Rab C Nesbitt wears it better.

2.  The cropped T. So on trend for s/s 13!

3. The skimpy trunks. Or are they just his pants?!

4.  The bizarre neon yellow fingerless gloves and pink t shirt combo. This may have led to the advent of Nu Rave circa 2006... who knows?

5. The oversized jacket. (Actually Andrew gets all the style points in this one with his tartan blazer and nonchalant sunglasses combo. Cool as ice.)

6.  The classic leather biker jacket. Shame all their shirts were in the wash.

7.  Rolled up jeans and odd pumps. Why?

8.  Beach chic.

9. The tasseled banana. Just wow.

10. Thoughtful in knitwear.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of knitwear -

11. Tea cosies.

12. The sultry bellringer. (Possibly my favourite. So debonair)

13. Santa.

14. The 'Choose Life' t shirt. The classic.

Happy birthday George!

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