Thursday, 19 March 2009

Our First Ever Craft Fair at RAF Cosford

So, this Sunday saw us get up at an ungodly hour to travel to RAF Cosford, in Shropshire. Why on earth would we want to that? Well, don't worry I'm not about to confess some tragic passion for vintage aeroplanes or anything... it was the venue of a Spring Craft Fair, and an interesting venue at that! We pitched up at a little after 8am to discover that we would actually be setting up in a hangar among the planes (they are museum pieces, by the way, otherwise we really would be getting in the way!) It was a nice opportunity for me to show off our new food themed rings, fittingly displayed on a cake tray. They certainly raised a few laughs!
Here is me (waving) and my sister Elise who had been roped in to help out.

We had lots of new pieces in for the event, which will be popping up on the website very soon...

This is Mr Mouse, ready to serve!

And one of the many, many planes we saw on the day!

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emily said...

Hey Minimum Mouse!
I've started up a new blog mainly focusing on vintage websites and shops in England, I hope you don't mind, but I featured you for my first post!
Here's the post:
If there are any problems then please let me know and i'll remove or change the post :)

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