Monday, 30 March 2009

A Visit to the Fairground Heritage Centre in Devon

This weekend we were down in the lovely county of Devon for James's dad's birthday bash, where much food was eaten and wine consumed! So, the next day we nursed our hangovers by visiting the Fairground Heritage Centre, a truly fascinating place! If you were anything like me as a child, you most probably couldn't contain your excitement when the fair rolled into town, and this place brought back all of those memories.

In Aberystwyth, where I grew up, the fair arrived in November, so going to the fair equalled putting on tights under your trousers and two jumpers to keep warm, the lights of all the rides dazzling us in the winter night and the smell of candy floss and fried onions tempting our tummies at every turn! The Fairground Heritage Centre captured the atmosphere of that and much more, acting as an archive of fairground rides, signs and games dating back to Victorian times. The intricate detail of some of the older pieces was amazing, such as thic cheeky cigar toting cat-

And the toothy grins of the carousel horses made us all giggle-

This lovely Fench organ was a bit of a gem too-

All very inspiring stuff! At the moment we only have this fairground theme piece in our collection -
But we're sure to add some more soon! If you'd like to take a visit to this fairground-tastic little place, you'll find the info here -
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