Thursday, 1 April 2010

Created In Birmingham

(picture courtesy of Created In Birmingham)

Today I popped up to the city centre - no, not for a sneaky spot of shopping, though I was tempted - to drop off some jewellery at the fabulous new Created In Birmingham shop. I was really excited that they wanted to sell my jewellery, as this is such an exciting idea! Created In Birmingham began in 2006, as a blog documenting the arts and culture of the second city, it has gained a loyal and strong following, and now has it's own shop. Occupying a prime spot in the Bulling, opposite the Apple Shop, this little haven from the big brand names is a gem in the truest sense of the word. Just when you think you have seen everything in the Bullring a hundred times before, the shop surprises you by containing only stuff that has been created in the region (as the name would suggest!). They have all kinds of stuff on offer, from books to handbags, clothing to photography, and the shop has a really friendly vibe, with a coffee table and sofas at the back and lots of bohemian types milling around.

I have a small selection of jewellery on offer there, hopefully more if it goes down well! Whether or not the shop will be a long term fixture appears yet to be decided, but I really hope it does as it breathes a well needed blast of fresh air into Birmingham city centre, a place hardly known for its independant shopping opportunities. So if you live locally, be sure to pop down and check it out!

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