Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Style Icon - Emma Pillsbury

Being a closet Gleek, I have long been admiring a certain character's style. And no, it's not Mr Schue and his dodgy barnet, it is the fabulous Miss Pillsbury and her prim, retro inspired look that gets me going! Instead of trying to guide the teens through their troubled love lives, something she is hardly a role model for, McKinley High's guidance counsellor should be doling out advice on how to dress like a lady at every turn, something she does with finesse and a quirky twist.

Reasons to love Miss Pillsbury-
1. She's a woman of morals - she adores Mr Schue but won't interfere with his marriage to the crazy Terri.
2. Jayma Mays, who plays the part, auditioned by singing 'Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch-A Me' from the fabulous Rocky Horror Picture Show.
3. She makes having OCD seem almost cool, with her obsessive cleaning regime and preoccupation with germs. This is the acceptable face of those weird quirks that we all have!
4. In a show full of pretty young things, Miss Pillsbury shows that ladylike elegance will always win out over short skirts and, er, cheerleading costumes in the style stakes.
5. She is part of one of the happiest, jolliest, most refreshing shows to land on our tv screens for many a year - Glee adds a touch of sunshine to my Monday evenings!

Glee's costume designer Lou Eyrich says of her iconic look, "We wanted to make her look like everything’s so neat — perfectly ironed and tucked-in shirts with matching belts, shoes and pins. We wanted to make her stand out from the other teachers. She’s always so happy and excited, so we wanted her outfits to represent that sunny disposition. In the pilot, we made her look much more teacher-y. Now we're having more fun with her character, keeping her bright and unusual. Quirky is the word. Emma’s also always in stacked Mary Janes or T-strap heels. It takes the outfit down from being too stylish or too sexy. It makes her look prim and almost old-fashioned."

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