Saturday, 29 May 2010

Etsy Storque Feature

A daily read of the Storque is an essential part of my day, it's always filled with inspiring stuff and fresh ideas. So I was just ever-so-slightly excited when Louise from Catwalk Creative Vintage contacted me to say she was putting together an article for the Storque featuring the best bricks and mortar vintage stores across the UK.


I jumped at the chance to feature a Birmingham store, but then I was left with the question - which shop?! Birmingham doesn't have loads of vintage stores unlike some cities, but the ones it does have are pretty ace. There's Cow, which is massive, but I discounted that because it is a small chain so is not exclusive to Birmingham. Then there's Urban Village and the plethora of little vintage shops in the general stores, which are all under one roof - but I'd have to choose just one, and how could I do that?! So, in the end, I went for Top Banana, in King's Heath. You can read the piece here, and find out about great vintage shops in Manchester, Upminster, Carlisle and Alfreton too!


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